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Escape the chaos of your busy life.

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A Whole New Spa Experience

Our wellness center is more than just a spa, or any one treatment, it is a space to empower individuals to manage their own health. We offer membership to allow you to easily afford all of our treatments, anytime.

If you are interested in trying something different than a traditional spa, take a look at our incredible line up of holistic wellness treatments including our salt cave provided by Healing Salt Caves

Complete Holistic Wellness

At the beginning of the 19th century, salt cave therapy – speleotherapy – was originated in Poland: it was noticed that the salt mine workers didn’t suffer from asthma or other respiratory sicknesses. With us, you can have numerous kinds of halotherapy treatments close to your home at the time that is convenient to you. The benefits of salt therapy are wide-ranging.

Come to us for better breathing, healthier skin, stronger immune system, sounder sleep or just during the flu or allergy seasons. Featuring imported salt by Salt Caves Canada Inc. from Klodawa Poland


Pink Salt Floatation

Transcend gravity and relax your body. Turn off your mind and become weightless.

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Revolutionary Treatments

If it is commonly claimed that the word “SPA” came from Latin phrase “Salus Per Aquam” meaning “health through water,” then we would be completely right to say “Salus Per Halos” – “health through salt.” It is exactly what HALOTHERAPY does. “Halos” means salt in Greek, and halotherapy is the “salt” therapy.


Salt Cave

The primary acting factor in Halotherapy is the inhalation of Dry Salt Aerosol. Our spa's salt cave, by means of mechanical actions, crushes pharmaceutical grade salt into micron-sized particles. This creates a dry salt aerosol between the size of 1 to 10 micrometers (smaller than particles contained in cigarette smoke) that you are able to breathe in turn helping the lungs and benefitting the body.

Pink Salt Floatation

Float effortlessly due to the high concentration (750 lbs. dissolved) natural saline solution which carries over 84 essential elements for regeneration. During the meditative process, your muscles, nerves, and skeletal structure will be allowed to decompress due to the absence of gravity.


Holistic Massage & Peat Mud

Our massages are designed for the individual needing quick relief from knots, daily stress, and headaches. Each massage will warm up and relax your body leaving you tingling and revitalized. Warm Pink Himalayan Salt Stones are used to smooth over the body with varying pressures and technique. The combination of mineral absorption through the skin and gentle pressure will relax and nourish the body.

Hand & Foot Detox

The Himalayan Salt Hand and Foot Detox is as a unique, multi-faceted treatment. Individuals will be seated comfortably in a leather chair while their extremities are placed on heated, smooth, and gently glowing Pink Salt blocks. The warm setting of the salt allows the body to detoxify by opening up the pores and releases toxins. Great for joint pain!

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